What does this isolation consist of?

Insulation without work

It is an innovative process, also known as chamber injection or blowing, that allows you to isolate any type of construction (homes, premises, offices, etc.) without the need to carry out any work.


In just 24/48 hours


More economical, as it does not require any type of work


Sustainable, by using 100% ecological materials

Years of experience


Thermal isolation

It is about ensuring that the elements that are exposed to the outside increase their resistance to the passage of temperature, to minimize heat losses in winter and gains in summer.

Acoustic isolation

EcoSystem insulation allows you to put up a barrier to attenuate sound in certain spaces, whether in your home or business.

Protection against humidity

Humidity is a problem that many homes face, whether due to condensation or capillarity.
EcoSystem Insulations has the solution to put an end to these problems that can lead to the appearance of mold, endangering our health.


Rock wool

It is a material made from volcanic rock. It is mainly used as insulation and as passive protection against fire in buildings, due to its multidirectional fibrous structure, which allows it to house relatively immobile air inside.


Material similar to recycled newspaper treated with boric acid to give it fireproof, fungicidal and insecticidal properties.
Cellulose insulation offers very good thermal and acoustic performance.


It is a very effective thermal and sound insulator that, in addition, has a very sustainable production and, once installed, requires very little maintenance.


They are microparticles of expanded polystyrene, diameter 4-7mm thick with a surface treatment with graphite that reflects thermal radiation.

About Suiz System

We are pioneers in Salamanca and leaders in Castilla y León in the services of Plumbing Without Work and Insulation Without Work

Based in Salamanca, Valladolid and Madrid, our teams travel throughout the Spanish territory.

10 years of experience guarantee our services in homes, chalets, industrial warehouses and public buildings.

We have the most demanding certifications at the Spanish and European Union level.

Our clients say

Carolina Martín
Carolina Martín
Un servicio de lo más eficaz para aislar tu casa de ruidos y de las temperaturas. Como conserva la temperatura del interior, en apenas unas meses ya se nota el ahorro energético y económico. Muy recomendable
Daniel García Gómez
Daniel García Gómez
Aislarón la casa de mis padres, y la verdad es que se nota la diferencia, especialmente en los meses más fríos.
Paola Juan
Paola Juan
Personal muy eficaz.

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