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Learn first-hand about our insulation projects in homes and premises and find references or similar cases.

Insulation without work within the block in Pizarrales

Block homes located in old neighborhoods usually have large unfilled air chambers, which means a great loss of temperature, as they lack insulation.

Insulation without work in a villa in Villamayor

Single-family homes or chalets are usually more exposed, as they lack medians with other buildings. Therefore, exposure to weather conditions is greater.

Isolation without work within the block in Plaza Madrid

Isolated constructions that lack medians or are located in enclaves with a lot of exposure to weather conditions. They require greater insulation to avoid the appearance of humidity or temperature losses.

Housing insulation without work in the center of Salamanca

Isolation for acoustic reasons is vital in the central areas of large towns, the noise caused by commercial and tourist activity influences comfort and rest.

Insulation without work in attic

Attics are usually the most unprotected dwellings within the block and are more difficult to insulate, given their location within the building. Thanks to the pressure with which we inject the insulating material, we can carry out work up to 20m high.

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