Isolation Without Construction

Save on your energy bill and improve comfort thanks to this no-work insulation process.

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Quick and clean

In just 24/48 hours


As no works are required, costs are lower.

Moisture resistant

Prevents condensation and the appearance of humidity.


It is heat resistant and prevents the spread of fires


Made with materials of natural origin.

What is the isolation process like?

Years of experience

Isolated homes

Kg of used rock wool

km traveled

1º Step

We locate a place to install our machinery and prepare the home or premises so that the process cannot stain or leave any residue.

2º Step

We make small holes in the chambers to carry out the inflation. At the same time we cover any plug or ventilation outlet.

3º Step

We blow our Rockwool rock wool at high pressure into the air chamber.

4º Step

We control the blown density and seal the perforations.

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