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Is there any type of work to be done?

No, only small incisions of approx. 5 cm, either externally or internally, through which the insulator is injected into the chamber. Later they are covered again. Learn about the process in detail by clicking here

Can it be done in any home?

In any construction typology; housing, premises, offices, public buildings…etc. as long as they have air chambers.

How long it takes?

It depends on the m2 of façade or roof that must be insulated. Normally, the process is completed within 24/48 hours.

How do I know if I have an air chamber?

If the construction dates back to before 1979, it is most likely that they have an air chamber. In any case, our Ecosystem technicians will carry out a tasting prior to closing the budget, to calculate the available space and the m3 of insulators that will be used. specify.

What is rock wool?

It is a material made from volcanic rock. It is mainly used as insulation and as passive protection against fire in buildings, due to its multidirectional fibrous structure, which allows it to house relatively immobile air inside.

We work with the best supplier on the market: Rockwool.

How much does it cost?

It will mainly depend on 2 variables: the m2 of façade or roof that must be insulated and the m3 of insulation necessary to cover said air chambers.

Percentage-wise, we are talking about almost 75% compared to insulating in a traditional way with a coating.

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